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Fri, 04/03/2015 - 8:38am

COATPRO is improving every day! We have started a compaign to have every powder color and surface finish and our Dry Film and High Temp coatings on 6x6 sample plates. The plates make it possible for customers to easily see what we offer.They also make it easy to see which colors we have in stock at any given time. We're almost at the 40% stage of making the sample plates. We have discovered some VERY interesting characteristics of our clear finishes. The clear finishes make aluminum, brass and steel all look completely different from each other! The "matte" clear is a perfect fiish if you want something steel to look like it's brand new and never been touched. The matte clear also makes aluminum look like a brand new cast finish, perfect for cast aluminum manifolds and other cast parts. The glossy clear makes all three metals look like a special metal-flake! Come by and see for yourself. The new, 5400 # forklift is now a reality! Keathley Handling Solutions is simply the best forklift supplier in the city. Thank you, John!