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Special Powder Coating

CoatPro offers several types of "Special" powder coatings. The first is a zinc-rich epoxy coating that is designed to flow into cracks, crevices and edge-on seams at a much higher penetration level than standard powder coatings. This helps to ensure a completely sealed surface treatment that isolates the treated surface from any corrosive environment the item is in, be it gaseous or liquid. The coating also contains high concentrations of free-electron zinc to act as a cathodic protector should the surface treatment seal be breached. Another of our special coatings is our Hybrid line. The Hybrids are two-stage coatings that apply a UV protective coating over base coats that would otherwise deteriorate in the sun. The Hybrids provide distinct features that make them both durable and very attractive. The first feature of the Hybrids is a selection of gloss levels. Using a matte clear over a veined base coat produces a subtle, non-reflective, intriguing visual effect. Using high-gloss clear over the same veined base coat produces a flashy, bright, inviting and visually commanding effect. Another feature of the Hybrids is a selection of surface finishes beyond the selection of gloss levels available in standard coatings. The Hybrids can provide hammered effects, texturized effects, veined effects and "rivulet" type surface effects. These different surface effects lend much wider possibilities to otherwise mundane surface treatments. Our newest speical coatings are our clear finishes. These specially prepared clear powders show distinct and very interesting contrasts when appled to bare metals. They bring out subtle differences in gray between bare aluminum and steel and give a warm, subtle golded tone to bare brass.They are a perfect way to provide a "raw, untouched" appearance while providing a protective, corrosion preventative finush to any part that should look like bare metal.

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